Mobile marketing is very personal because this person has likely been a customer of yours. Do not worry about whether your message or promotion reached its intended recipient because mobile comes with a 95% read rate.

Recent polls and surveys show that a large percentage of social networking interaction occurs over the mobile phone. With an app for just about everything imaginable, smart phone users are on ‘content overload’ and many businesses are afraid mobile marketing will become obsolete because of its simplicity. In the midst of flashy apps and premium messaging, the simple nature of SMS can be captivating to a business that may not be as tech savvy as their customers. If you intend to succeed in selling out your brand to the market, you have to maintain the highest standards of consistency in your endeavors. A successful brand campaign can only be realized if the target audience hears, sees and reads the same information over an over again. For mobile marketing to be effective, you need to make sure the messages sent out are consistent with any other material being advertised through mass media or billboards. Potential clients will only be left confused rather than convinced if they keep feeding on contradictory information. Your competitors could also be targeting your ideal audience. This means that you will have to be a little more creative if you are keen on succeeding in mobile marketing. Mobile marketing has now been embraced by almost all big brands and a number of small to large businesses. However, not every one of them has a success story to share. One of the best ways to attract the attention of potential clients is by introducing a number of offers and promotions. One of the common mistakes some of these businesses commit is making the marketing a one-way kind of communication. If you really want to reach out to the market then you have to offer a two-way channel that allows the recipients to interact and get involved. Some businesses even offer discounts on products and services for clients who subscribe for mobile feeds. This is a great way to grab user interest and engage them while also gathering behavioral data and insight.

Your audience will participate better if they too have a way to share their thoughts. In this case create forum or polls. You also need to be up to speed with the latest trends in mobile of marketing.