Mobile marketing is marketing on or with a mobile device, such as a cell phone. Mobile marketing can also be defined as the use of the mobile medium as a means of marketing communication, the distribution of any kind of promotional or advertising messages to customer through wireless networks.

For small businesses in particular, the mobile phone offers exciting opportunities to improve customer service and satisfaction. Texting customers on their mobile phones can be part of a better, more personal service. Sending details of promotions and events can boost business. The business world is getting more and more competitive with every day. This is definitely good news to consumers who can now sit back and enjoy top quality goods and services. However, if you are a business owner, this only means that you have to work harder to keep your doors open. If you’re more ambitious, you cancreate mibile app.

Whatever you do, you need to create mobile website so that anyone that searches for your website from their phone can find what they are looking for in an easy-to-read and navigate format. You can also drive customers to website pages by using QR codes in your print advertising.



Personal communication is an underlying benefit for a business utilizing text message marketing. There are several benefits for businesses to implement a mobile marketing campaign other than higher redemption. For a consumer to take the step of texting a business’s keyword to a short code, they have already identified themselves as a consumer who is interested in receiving promotions or discounts about that business and are naturally more inclined to act on a new mobile promotion. There are also tools available for mobile marketing applications that can make this even more personal. A business can capture a first name or birthday, then integrate those fields into the body of a mass text message making each recipient feel special. This in turn will create loyalty and the customer is more likely to continue doing business and promoting the brand to their friends.